Montag, 30. Juni 2008

To do list 5:
  • important &urgent:
-copy and send docments to university
-call Phillip and Maria
-book the flight to lisbon
-pick up the juwellery from Verena
-buynecklace closing
-print Om picture for Alex birthday
-mail Gabi for dates to work at the market
-call back Sandra
-pick up rechargeable laptopbattery

  • important but not urgent:
-get a portugues dictionary from mums home
-cooper up my MP3 player
-ask Andreas for recipes "Schüssler salts"
-Call tatjana for summercampjob

  • not important &not urgent:

Donnerstag, 26. Juni 2008

to do list 4

  • important and urgent:

- call Maria to organize Italy

-Cleaning and buying food

-clear the fight with Uta

-pick up juwellery at Verenas house

-book the flight to lisbon

-send documents to the finance office

-pick up my rechargeable laptop-battery sponsered by apple

-observe when I get my leg pains and which are stress situation

  • concerning my education:

-find a way to get out of the black-white thinking about my path of life

-call employment center

-find out about the grant from the agency "Bafög"

-find out about the age restriction from my hlaf -orphan pension

-send to Mrs.Geisler my application documents

  • important but not urgent

-remit Alex the money

- deposit bills to my health insurance

-letter Basti

-to pay in 300 Euro to my saving account

  • urgent but not important :

-buy deodorant ,gel and conditioner

Samstag, 21. Juni 2008

to do list 3:

  • urgent & important:

-pick up the result from HIV-test
-call Apple strore
-put room anouncement
-fill application forms for the university and give me time to really prove if I want it
-put me in the list for IFA job
-call Claudia
-call Tajana because cleaningjob

  • important but not urgent:

-call Basti for get the money from GASAG
-call Brandes for get my flatsecurity
-tell Christian that i wont do the GFK basis course because its to much new things in my life
-remind Natascha to pay me the money
- appointment for contraception"Portiocup"
-give me time to think about what makes me so sad at the moment
-tell my mum that I love her

  • not important but urgent:
-ask Phillip about fasting cause my stomach fucking hurts
-call Simon to book the flight

  • not urgent & not important:
-invite Verena and Tom to come on thursday to Yogaclass
-Write down in my diary the nightmare from last night about my fathers death

Freitag, 20. Juni 2008

to do list 2

SImPlifY mY LIfe

Donnerstag, 19. Juni 2008

short biography

7:07 28 th of april 1984: my mother brought me to earth while my father was buying croissants

· 7:30 21 th of march 1987: getting late to my first day of kindergarden cause I lost my pet on the way

· 15:30 may 1990:I told my mother on the way to the school interview that I will not say any word and I didnt

· 12:00 28th of september 1993: drinking hot chocolat with the neighbour cause I forgot again my keys

· 18:00 3 th of january 1997 the washing machine got broken cause I left some hairneedles in my pockets

· 16:03 5 th of april 1999 my mother threw all the untided things from my room out of the window

· 7:30 1 th of august 2000 feeling ill and staying at home cause I have an exame in school

· 20:00 4 th of july 2004 getting lost in London get find by my first boyfriend and stay there for 1 year

· 22:40 7th 2005 go to the hospital in spain and take the pill after

· 20:15 26 th of 2006 loosing the fly to ibiza cause of the timeswitch

· 9:00 23 th of november 2006 first cancer check

· 19:00 2 th of june 2007 getting my first job in the company of sasha waltz

· 12:00 24 of october 2007 attend a workshop about DOGMA with Rogerio Nuno Costa and forget the task