Donnerstag, 17. Juli 2008

under construction

the blog is under construction because I am under construction!

Montag, 14. Juli 2008


Simplify life:go to the extrem , risk everything , do nothing
What?:eokatinkas perception of the situation at the curators house
When?:from 9th till 18th july 12:00 -22:00 o `clock
Where?:curators house ,Estoril,Lisbon
Why?:eoKatinka took part at Rogerio Nuno Costa`s workshop in Berlin .Now she got invited to share and evaluade the expirience of beeing in the curator`s house and work with Dogma

Sonntag, 13. Juli 2008

day three

« Hola roger need some time for me to be alone to reflect upon everything.will not come back till I really feel like!Katinka

my project in one sentence

My project is about an experiment on Doing NOthing , waiting for the moment of lightness and the invisible dictatorship.I AM MY DICTATOR!!!

Freitag, 11. Juli 2008

Day one

It was a really exhausting day-talking,talking,talking,listening,thinking-BRAINFUCK!
Again and again I was stressed and felt lost.Giving a presentation , videokameras with 101 unknown spectators...
We started to work, we tried to find a focus.The topic of my project is a real wound and I still feel that I have to fight so much for balance, inner focus and inner peace. Its such a big question and task to find a way to be happy and enjoy life.
To deal with that in the curators house is opening wounds!
I did published a wound without showing anybody how it affects me,how it challengens me and confronts me with so many things.FUCK I am so emotional!
I presented my project in front of the others. I am paniced because I dont know how to go on,I cant relax and trust ,
I WISH I WAS IN PARIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I feel at the wrong place.I am not an artist-I am a human-suffering paralisis me and brings me away from beeing creativly productive.I NEED TO
-good plan for tomorrow!
How could I expose me with such a personal topic ?
What kind of potential has the context at the curators house? Is it just able to open wounds without potential to heal them aswell

Donnerstag, 10. Juli 2008

nOtes from the day

  • The lazy way to sucess
  • establish a training of beeing lazy but productive

  • define the limits of the context that inspires me
  • Create a own filter while waiting for the idea to come to me
  • !be aware of the filter and catch the moment to act
  • take example fom the children who all the time create real time compositions while beeing lazy in this

Montag, 30. Juni 2008

To do list 5:
  • important &urgent:
-copy and send docments to university
-call Phillip and Maria
-book the flight to lisbon
-pick up the juwellery from Verena
-buynecklace closing
-print Om picture for Alex birthday
-mail Gabi for dates to work at the market
-call back Sandra
-pick up rechargeable laptopbattery

  • important but not urgent:
-get a portugues dictionary from mums home
-cooper up my MP3 player
-ask Andreas for recipes "Schüssler salts"
-Call tatjana for summercampjob

  • not important &not urgent:

Donnerstag, 26. Juni 2008

to do list 4

  • important and urgent:

- call Maria to organize Italy

-Cleaning and buying food

-clear the fight with Uta

-pick up juwellery at Verenas house

-book the flight to lisbon

-send documents to the finance office

-pick up my rechargeable laptop-battery sponsered by apple

-observe when I get my leg pains and which are stress situation

  • concerning my education:

-find a way to get out of the black-white thinking about my path of life

-call employment center

-find out about the grant from the agency "Bafög"

-find out about the age restriction from my hlaf -orphan pension

-send to Mrs.Geisler my application documents

  • important but not urgent

-remit Alex the money

- deposit bills to my health insurance

-letter Basti

-to pay in 300 Euro to my saving account

  • urgent but not important :

-buy deodorant ,gel and conditioner

Samstag, 21. Juni 2008

to do list 3:

  • urgent & important:

-pick up the result from HIV-test
-call Apple strore
-put room anouncement
-fill application forms for the university and give me time to really prove if I want it
-put me in the list for IFA job
-call Claudia
-call Tajana because cleaningjob

  • important but not urgent:

-call Basti for get the money from GASAG
-call Brandes for get my flatsecurity
-tell Christian that i wont do the GFK basis course because its to much new things in my life
-remind Natascha to pay me the money
- appointment for contraception"Portiocup"
-give me time to think about what makes me so sad at the moment
-tell my mum that I love her

  • not important but urgent:
-ask Phillip about fasting cause my stomach fucking hurts
-call Simon to book the flight

  • not urgent & not important:
-invite Verena and Tom to come on thursday to Yogaclass
-Write down in my diary the nightmare from last night about my fathers death

Freitag, 20. Juni 2008

to do list 2

SImPlifY mY LIfe

Donnerstag, 19. Juni 2008

short biography

7:07 28 th of april 1984: my mother brought me to earth while my father was buying croissants

· 7:30 21 th of march 1987: getting late to my first day of kindergarden cause I lost my pet on the way

· 15:30 may 1990:I told my mother on the way to the school interview that I will not say any word and I didnt

· 12:00 28th of september 1993: drinking hot chocolat with the neighbour cause I forgot again my keys

· 18:00 3 th of january 1997 the washing machine got broken cause I left some hairneedles in my pockets

· 16:03 5 th of april 1999 my mother threw all the untided things from my room out of the window

· 7:30 1 th of august 2000 feeling ill and staying at home cause I have an exame in school

· 20:00 4 th of july 2004 getting lost in London get find by my first boyfriend and stay there for 1 year

· 22:40 7th 2005 go to the hospital in spain and take the pill after

· 20:15 26 th of 2006 loosing the fly to ibiza cause of the timeswitch

· 9:00 23 th of november 2006 first cancer check

· 19:00 2 th of june 2007 getting my first job in the company of sasha waltz

· 12:00 24 of october 2007 attend a workshop about DOGMA with Rogerio Nuno Costa and forget the task